TICC CMB 2018-04-13 minutes

Date: 2018-04-13

Time: 14:00-16:00 CEST

Type of meeting: Gotomeeting (https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/716626861)

Participants and absents


Berg, Hans <hans.berg@tickstar.com> as eDelivery Community Leader

Elected members (with voting right)

Kristiansen, Olav Astad <Olav.AstadKristiansen@difi.no>

Collanus, Risto <risto.collanus@visma.com>

Helger, Philip <philip.helger@brz.gv.at>

Langøy, Bård <bard.langoy@pagero.com>

Observers (without voting right)

Rapisarda Isabella <isabella.rapisarda@consip.it> as Pre-award CC Leader

Sören Pedersen <Soren.Pedersen@esv.se> as Post Award CC Leader

Previous meeting minutes


  1. Approval of this agenda
  2. Approval of minutes from previous meeting
  3. Follow up on decisions and action items from previous meeting
  4. TVR
  5. AS2 extensions/large file support
  6. PEPPOL Directory operations
  7. Testbed status
  8. Propose a procedure for adding ISO6523 identifier (related tickets:  TICC-10 - Getting issue details... STATUS , TICC-11 - Getting issue details... STATUS , TICC-38 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
  9. Scheduled meetings:
    1. April 27, 14.00-16.00 CET and every 2nd Friday 14.00-16.00 onwards. (CMB Members: verify that invites are in your calendar)
  10. Any other Business

Topics not discussed

  1. Standard SMP APIs to make it easier for service providers to update metadata (endpoints, certs, participants).

Information items

  1. PKI Migration (Newsletter 11.04.2018 - PKI Migration, Statutes Changes/Additional GA, etc..)
  2. #7
    1. Anna-Lis took over the Testbed team
    2. Philip sent a summary from the Monday meeting in Brussels (April 9th)
    3. No further information provided to TICC CMB atm


  1. Approved agenda from previous meeting.

Action items

  1. #4
    • Philip to start preparing an answer to André's e-mail from March 19th
    • Hans to initiate a cross community meeting with POACC and PREACC(?).
    • Philip to integrate comment from public review etc.
      • PUBLIC_KEY of C2 required for PEPPOL AS4 profile
        • In the same formatting as provided in SMP
      • State that MLR SMP registration should not be considered
      • Annex on how to handle C4 validation
      • 2.5.5 add note on certificate change (Martin’s comment #4)
      • Comment Martin #5: severity MUST be failure, EBMS:0001, PEPPOL AS4 spec states, that participant check is needed -> same check here
      • 2.5.3: if negative TVR is received later than 2:30 than the problem must be resolved out-of-band
  2. #5
    1. Define a way how to support SHA2 algorithms in PEPPOL AS2 profile
      1. Based on Capability extension work group result document, chapter 3.2
      2. Migration plan is needed
      3. Work meeting needed to get this done: Friday, 2018-04-20, 14:00-16:00
      4. Goal: integrate in PEPPOL AS2 specification → version 1.2
  3. #6
    1. Work group was closed implicitly without notification
    2. A team "PEPPOL Directory operations" is needed
      1. Philip to draft a mandate until next CMB
      2. Proposed team leader: Ger
      3. Define the list of the tasks for the team
      4. Send a draft mandate version to OO for internal review
    3. Hans: please lookup the date, at what date each SMP implementation must technically support PD integration
  4. #7
    1. Hans to invite a knoweldgable person to the next TICC CMB meeting (April 27th) to get updated
  5. #8
    1. A document should be created based on Oriol's response to TICC-10 - Getting issue details... STATUS , TICC-11 - Getting issue details... STATUS TICC-38 - Getting issue details... STATUS  so they can be added to https://www.cyber-identity.com/download/ICD-list.pdf.
    2. Use knowledge from Estonia (0191) and Norway (0192) on how to achieve this
    3. Risto to check with Difi if 0192 should become a replacement of 9908, and if 9908 should be phased out, and if so, until when
    4. Philip to check with Alar from Estonia, whether 0191 replaces some existing code (like 0192 and 9908)
    5. Hans: Agenda item for next TICC CMB: approve new identifier issuing agencies 0191 and 0192?
  6. AOB
    1. Billing BIS v3
      1. Philip to contact POACC on the usage of document type and process identifiers (and schemes) for Billing BIS v3
    2. PEPPOL AS4 vs. eSENS profile conformance
      1. Philip to ask Sander per email on his thoughts about the mail
    3. Organizational:
      1. Hans: to verify that ticc-cmb@peppol.eu contains all current members

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