2023.07.07 Peppol Logistics specifications

We are pleased to announce the member review of the first set of specifications from Peppol Logistics.
The specifications have been produced by the Peppol Logistics incubation project team which was initiated in January 2023 by Offshore Norge and BEAst upon approval by the OpenPeppol Managing Committee.
As part of the incubation project the project team will also plan and prepare the future organization of Logistics within OpenPeppol.

Additional information about the Logistics specifications.

  • The specifications are based on UBL 2.1 and 2.3. As part of the review period we will consider to move to UBL 2.4 which will be published in the near future.
    One of the reasons for this is to get more environmental data into the transactions, especially the Waybill. Currently we only have environmental data in the Advanced Despatch Advice.
    UBL 2.4 will also be an ISO-standard.

  • The project team has had a dialog with the DTLF-group to align the profiles with the eFTI-model and the specification for dangerous goods. But since this model is not yet ready, this activity is postponed.


The approval process requires that the new specifications must be subject to a review by OpenPeppol members. We also encourage you to forward this mail to non-Peppol members that are involved in transport and logistics processes to get their feedback on the profiles.


The following specifications are out for member review:

  • BIS documents:

    • Advanced Despatch Advice Only 1.2

    • Advanced Despatch Advice with Receipt Advice 1.0

    • Weight Statement 1.2

    • Transport Execution Plan with Request 1.0

    • Transport Execution Plan Only 1.0

    • Waybill 1.0

    • Transportation Status with Request 1.0

    • Transportation Status Only 1.0

  • Transaction syntaxes:

    • Advanced Despatch Advice 1.2 (T120)

    • Weight Statement 1.2 (T122)

    • Transport Execution Plan Request 1.0 (T123)

    • Transport Execution Plan 1.0 (T124)

    • Waybill 1.0 (T125)

    • Transportation Status Request 1.0 (T126)

    • Transportation Status 1.0 (T127)

    • Receipt Advice 1.0 (T128)

  • Rules

  • Code lists

  • Schematron files

  • Example files

The specifications are available on https://test-docs.peppol.eu/logistics/

Any comments can be submitted by using the comment template. Please do not alter the template. Any altered template cannot be processed. Please send you comments to reviews@peppol.eu

The review period starts today and will last until 15 September 2023. All comments submitted in the review period will be processed and addressed by the Peppol Logistics incubation project team.