2023.03.06 PINT 0.9

As part of the publication of the Peppol International invoice (PINT) OpenPeppol announces a member review. The publication of PINT is not part of the regular PoAC releases and therefore follows another publication plan. After this review several procedural steps need to be taken before the PINT 1.0 will be published. You will be informed about the process.

The PINT has been developed by a working group consisting of members from the Post Award Community and Peppol Authorities. This is the general PINT specification on which Peppol authorities will base their specifications. Such specializations will be approved separately once the general version has been approved.

Review of changes in the lookup algorithm, i.e. DDTS/wildcard” will be distributed separately.

The PoAC CMB has approved the PINT 0.9 after a positive advice from the working group and has ordered a member review. The PoAC and PA communities are invited to review the documentation.

All documentation can be found via this link:


Any comments can be submitted by using the comment template. Please do not alter the template. This template must be mailed to reviews@peppol.eu.

The review period is 4 weeks and ends on 2 April 2023. All comments submitted in the review period will be processed and addressed by the working group.