Peppol Interoperability Framework (1 July 2022)


The new Peppol Interoperability Framework is now complete and applies since 1 July 2022.

In this space you will find the latest versions of all documents related to the Peppol Governance Framework.

  • Peppol Agreements

  • Internal Regulations

  • Peppol Authority Specific Requirements

  • Operational Procedures

  • Supporting documents

  • Statutes of OpenPeppol AISBL

A. Background

The agreement revision process originated from the new Statutes approved by GA10 in 2018 and went through a number of phases. As final phase the Agreements Revision Task Force was established:

  1. The Agreements Revision Task Force (ARTF) was established in December 2020 with a mandate by the Managing Committee to produce a new set of deliverables - Agreements, Internal Regulations and Operational Procedures.

  2. The documents produced by the ARTF were subject to an open review during May-June 2021 and final versions were made available in September 2021.

  3. The new Agreements were approved in October 2021 and Internal Regulations in November 2021. Operational Procedures and other supporting documents were approved in February 2022.

  4. Revised versions of the Peppol Agreements and Internal Regulations were approved in June 2022.

Below you can find links to all documents contained in the Peppol Interoperability Framework.

B. Aproved documents

B1. Peppol Agreements

The latest version 4.0.1 of the new Peppol Authority Agreement and Service Provider Agreement contain error corrections and revised guidance in Annexes. The changes with respect to version 4.00 are purely editorial and do not affect the legal provisions they contain.

The new set of Peppol Agreements entered into force on 1 July 2022.

Document Title



Peppol Authority Agreement

PeppolAuthorityAgreement_v4.0.1 APPROVED 2022.06.23

Approved by the PAs on 23 June 2022

Service Provider Agreement

PeppolServiceProviderAgreement_v4.0.1 APPROVED 2022.06.23

More details

B2. Internal Regulations on the Use of the Peppol Network

The latest version of the OpenPeppol Internal Regulations Part II - Use of the Peppol Network (version 2.0.0) was approved for implementation on November 29, 2023. This version introduces changes to the following policies:

  • Change Management Policy

  • Data Collection, Reporting and Usage Policy

  • PA Specific Requirements

  • Removal of the Semantic versioning Annex

As per the approved migration plan, version 2.0.0 takes effect on the date of publication.

Document Title



Internal Regulations Part II - Use of the Peppol Network

Internal Regulations Part II - Use of the Peppol Network_v2.0.0 APPROVED 20231129

Approved by the MC in the MC182 meeting on 29 November 2023

More details

B3. Peppol Authority Specific Requirements (PASR)

The new PA Specific Requirements are nοw approved in their new version and replace the ones that were stated in Annex 5 of the old TIA.

With the new Peppol Interoperability Framework, PASR apply automatically across the Peppol Network to all Service Providers that offer services (have sender and/or receiver customers) located within the jurisdiction of a Peppol Authority.

In 2022, 11 Peppol Authorities have now established PASR for their jurisdiction, whereas 5 Peppol Authorities and OpenPeppol as PA do not apply PASR. The UK PA is not signing SP Agreements at the moment.

The Peppol Authority Specific Requirements can be found here.

B4. Operational Procedures

A number of operating procedures has been developed to expand on the legal obligations assumed through the Peppol agreements and the rules and provisions in the OpenPeppol Internal Regulations for the use of the Peppol Network. 

The Operational Procedures were approved by the OpenPeppol Managing Committee in its MC161 meeting on 15.02.2022 as part of the Peppol Interoperability Framework.

Document Title



Change Management

OP - Change Management_v1.0_APPROVED 2022.02.15

Approved by the MC in the MC161 meeting on 15 February 2022

Extended Use

OP - Extended Use_v1.0_APPROVED 2022.02.15

Issue Reporting and Management

OP - Issue Reporting and Management_v1.0_APPROVED 2022.02.15

Non-compliance Management

OP - Non-compliance Management_v1.0_APPROVED 2022.02.15

Onboarding and Accreditation of Peppol Service Providers

OP - Onboarding and Accreditation of Peppol Service Providers_v1.0_APPROVED 2022.02.15

Peppol Authority Specific Requirements

OP - Peppol Authority Specific Requirements_v1.0_APPROVED 2022.02.15

Reporting of Statistics

OP - Reporting_v1.0_APPROVED 2022.02.15

B5. Supporting documents

For completeness, some additional documents are provided as part of the Peppol Governance Framework:

C. Reference documents

D. Feedback

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