2022.10.12 RFCs Post Award Community

Update on the Member review:

The received comments have all been addressed. The CMB has made its decision on each comment. You can find the comments and the resolutions in this document.

The upcoming November release will be the first release that fully follows the change management procedure as stated in the Internal Regulations chapter 2.

Please note there are significant changes in this process. Two major changes are:

  • Member review: Every solution to an RFC must undergo a member review. This allows members to test the several technical artefacts and review the content of the artefacts and documentation.

  • Release: As of now the release date is the date from which the migration to the new artefacts start according to the migration plan. This means it leaves no room for reviewing the content of the release.

The Change Management Board has approved several RFCs. For these RFC solutions have been developed by OpenPeppol. The approval process requires that these solutions must be subject to a review by members. The following documents and artefacts are out for member review:

RFCs about Billing-3 BIS:

  • Rule PEPPOL-COMMON-R049 (ICD 0007 - Swedish organization number) changed from severity warning to fatal

  • Rules GR-S-008-1, GR-R-008-2 and GR-R-008-3 have been updated, expecting the string ##INVOICE|URL## instead of ##INVOICE-URL##

  • Rule DK-R-015 removed

Billing-3 BIS documents and artifacts are accesible for review under the following link: https://test-docs.peppol.eu/poacc/2022-q3-member-review/billing/3.0/


RFCs for BISes other than Billing-3.0 (Upgrade-3 project)

  • Invoice Response BIS

    • Definition of status codes in section Status Codes corrected to be in line with rule OP-BR111-R012 so that Accepted is not a final status and Paid is a final status.

    • Correction of examples in chapter 6.3 of the Invoice Response BIS

  • Despatch Advice BIS

    • Reference to Sales Order Line number is added as an optional business term on Despatch advice line.

    • Commodity Classification code added as an optional business term on Despatch advice line.

    • Optional additional Document reference (incl business terms for attachments) added on header level. Optional business terms for Document references (no attachments) also added on line level.

    • Optional business term for Carrier Party Identification added to the Carrier Party information.

    • Optional TransportModeCode added on header level with codes from UN/ECE Rec 19.

    • Cardinality of DeliveredQuantity on Despatch line changed to mandatory in syntax to correctly reflect the intention of the BIS.

  • Order Transaction

    • New business terms for RequestedDeliveryPeriod, Start time (tir01-p042) and End time (tir01-p043).

    • New business term for Project reference/ID (tir01-p044).

    • Added DocumentType codes for Order transactions (T01) to allow for blanket orders (code 221) and Call-off (code 226). Applies in BIS specifications Order Only and Ordering.

  • Order Response Transaction

    • New business terms for PromisedDeliveryPeriod, Start time (tir76-p010) and End time (tir76-p011)

  • Order Agreement Transaction

    • Optional element DocumentTypeCode (tir110-p008) added on ItemSpecificationDocumentReference level.

    • Optional element CompanyID added for PartyLegalEntity in both Buyer (tir110-p009) and Seller (tir110-p010). 

  • Cross-Cutting changes to Codelists and Validation Artifacts

    • Validation of code values for Tax Category codes are removed to allow for non-EU categories. In previous release (3.0.4), the TaxScheme/ID was generalized to allow for other schemes than VAT but also that category code should have been generalized. This release addresses this shortcoming (with a consequence that category code isn’t validated). The change affects the following transactions:

      • Order transaction (T01)

      • Order Response transaction (T76)

      • Catalogue transaction (T19)

      • Order Agreement transaction (T110)

      • Punch Out transaction (T77)       

    • Rule PEPPOL-COMMON-R049 (ICD 0007 - Swedish organization number) changed from severity warning to fatal (as announced in the may 2022 release)

The BIS documents and artifacts are accessible for review under the following URL:https://test-docs.peppol.eu/poacc/upgrade-3/2022-q3-member-review/


Any comments can be submitted by using the comment template. Please do not alter the template. Any altered template cannot be processed. This template must be mailed to openpeppol@peppol.eu.

The review period is 4 weeks and ends on 12 October 2022. All comments submitted in the review period will be processed and addressed by the Operating Office.