OpenPEPPOL Jira Service Desk

The Jira Service Desk is now launching for the external and internal members of OpenPEPPOL.

Members may request the following issue types using the Jira Service Desk:

PKI Certificate issuing – if you need a new certificate or renewal of an existing certificate (v2 and v3)

Requesting a change (RFC) – if you have identified an area that needs a change (BIS specs, validation etc.)

Reporting a Bug – If you have identified a Bug and need it fixed

Requesting general support – If you have general questions or need help related to PEPPOL

Reporting a compliance issue – If you are experiencing compliance issues (ex. receiving invalid schematron files from a sending Access Point or problems related to the actual exchange process – missing MDNs etc.).

The workflows used in the Service Desk are all standard Atlassian workflows.

For the request types:

PKI Certificate issuing

Requesting a change (RFC)

Reporting a compliance issuue

The following Workflow is used

For the request type:

Reporting a Bug

Requesting general support

The following Workflow is used

Please find relevant documentation here:

External guide: Guide explaining how the service desk the service desk request should be created for each request type. The guide can be downloaded here:

Internal PKI guide: Guide explaining the full PKI issuing process from Jira with emphasis on the responsibility of OO, The PEPPOL Authority and the certificate administrator: