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Inbound Documents that can’t be picked up - conversion to a human-readbale readable equivalent and out-of-band transmission (per eMail)

The following information does not affect the technical integration, but is nevertheless useful to understand the overall flow of documents.

In the happy flow, any document that is recived received by Mercurius and posted in the inbox of the destination entity, is also retrieved and marked by the simpl.ePRIOR consumer application. Unfortunately, more than often the consumer can’t retrieve and mark some document because of some data problem or technical limitation. On the other hand, (a) many public sector entities haven’t found yet a suitable tool to receive and process documents, and (b) adoption of eProcurement involves many other documents than the incoming invoice, that each public sector entity integrate at their own rythm.

This 3 scenarios cause the same result: the a document keeps hanging in the inbox of the destination entity. thereforeTherefore, Mercurius responds to these 3 scenarios in one single and straight effective way: any document that hasn’t been picked up after a certain delay (called the pick-up delay), is systematically (a) converted into a human readable equivalent and (b) transmitted by email at a central functional email address communicated by the destination entity at mercurius registration.

Notice that the original document remains available for retrieve - until expiration of the retention delay. That way, should the problem be temporary, the structured electronic document can still be picked up and processed by the consumer application.

Most of the entities choose to configure the pick-up delay between 1 hour and 5 days, depending on the consumer application. The retention delay is 30 days.