End user statistics reporting BIS 22 November 2022

The OpenPeppol Managing Committee has decided to scale down the reporting mechanism. As a result, the End User Reporting has been changed. Only statistics on End Users must be reported. Therefore a new BIS has been created, End User statistics BIS. Hereby, the End User statistics BIS is open for member review.

The following documents are out for member review:

· BIS document

· XML Schema

· Schematron

· Example files

The documents can be found at https://test-docs.peppol.eu/reporting/EUR-1.0.0-RC2/ .

The review period is 2 months and ends on 21 January 2023.

All comments submitted in the review period will be processed and addressed by the OpenPeppol operating office.

Any comments may be submitted using the comment template – End User Statistics Reporting BIS

Please do not alter the template. This template must be mailed to openpeppol@peppol.eu.





  File Modified

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet CommentTemplate - End user statistics reporting BIS.xlsx

Nov 03, 2022 by Erwin Wulterkens