PEPPOL Agreement Framework

This section provides access to the current PEPPOL Agreement Framework.

The current PEPPOL Agreement Framework consists of two separate sets of documents.

  1. PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Agreement - regulates operations of services for AP, SMP, SML
  2. PEPPOL e-Tendering Interim Agreement - regulates operations in the e-Tendering domain

In this section you will find a  brief presentation of both agreements, along with the current agreement documents.   

There is ongoing work for revision of the PEPPOL Agreement Framework. For information on this work, please refer to Confluence space /wiki/spaces/AF/pages/90472483 space, or by following the links:  

1: /wiki/spaces/AF/pages/504791050 - Completed
2: /wiki/spaces/AF/pages/504987680
3: /wiki/spaces/AF/pages/504791071