12th OpenPeppol General Assembly

On this page members can find links to all information needed to register, attend, and vote at the 12th OpenPeppol General Assembly. For any questions please contact OpenPeppol at info@peppol.eu

In the following pages you can find information on:

A. Schedule

Tuesday June 16th, 2020 (09:00 - 11:00 CEST)

Due to Covid-19, OpenPeppol has to hold the 12th General Assembly as an online meeting and will use the GoToWebinar platform.

B. Registration and joining details

It is mandatory to register for the 12th General Assembly. This is done by completing and sending the Registration Form by email to ga@peppol.eu.

In the Registration Form you should indicate the Member organisation name, as well as information on the Participant - the person who will represent the Member in the General Assembly. First name, last name and email address of the Participant must be provided.

It is important to know that only one person per Member can be registered as a Participant. That person will need to be authorised by his/her organisation to vote on its behalf.

C. Voting

There are two ways to vote, both remotely and in advance of the meeting. The Member's preference must be stated in the Registration Form.

  1. By Voting Form - if you choose this option a Voting Form will be sent to you with instructions on how to use it.

  2. By delegating your voting right to a proxy - as an exeption stipulated by emergency Belgian Law, there will be only one proxy for all Members choosing this option and this will be the Secretary General, Andre Hoddevik. This option must be provided as mandated by law, but Members do not need to use it unless they wish to. Voting by a Voting Form is perfectly fine.

More information on the emergency legislation: Belgian Royal Decree n°4 - Crisis measures on the impact of Covid-19 on board and shareholders’ meetings

D. Background Material

Following the links below, Members can find all relevant material concerning the 12th OpenPeppol General Assembly:

E. Elections and Candidates

A competitive election for a Managing Committee member representing the Service Providers will take place as part of the 12th OpenPeppol General Assembly.

Regarding the open position for a Managing Committee member representing Peppol Authorities, there is only one candidate. The 12th General Assembly is invited to accept the candidate in this position.

More details on the candidates