DCTE Proof-of-Concept in France

Welcome to the home page of the invoice exchange DCTE Proof-of-Concept in France. This is a joint OpenPeppol/EESPA/FNFE Project.

This site has all the information that Service Providers who wish to participate in the Project will need. It is aimed at those who are considering being an active participant from a technical perspective and those who would just like to know more about the Project. It will be updated on a regular basis and will include the FNFE DCTCE France PoC reports and a list of participants. The French Govt organisations of DGFIP/AIFE will be kept informed of progress.

The Project Team has been set up with representatives from OpenPeppol, EESPA and FNFE.

As a first step, the How To Guide will provide the necessary information on what participants need to do in order to get started, including enrolling, obtaining certificates, publish capabilities and arrange connections.

A dedicated email for any Project related questions has been set up at ; frpoc@peppol.eu


The aim is to take a phased approach to the POC - The precise scope of each individual phase will be determined within the Project Team and be updated as and when;

  • Previous phases have been completed

  • Increased functionality becomes available

Initial test will be limited to flows between PDPs - The goal is to test how to allow PDP to exchange documents over the Peppol Network. Participants will be able to prioritise flows and/or formats based on their interests.

The type of documents that will be exchanged in this first phase are currently limited to;

  • E-invoices and Credit Notes

  • Technical Acknowledgement messages

Some good progress has been made and the exchange of French Specification invoices across the Peppol Network has been achieved. Following phases will concentrate on Life-Cycle Messages and specific invoice types such as Self billing. Investigation of development of possible Peppol Native solutions continues.

Following the delay to the Fr Govt Pilot and Go Live the possibility of developing a Peppol SML/SMK to fulfil the Fr Directory requirements before the PPF becomes available. This was put to the Project Participants as a formal Survey and there was overwhelming support for this approach. The Project Team are now working hard on developing a Minimum Viable Product that will ensure rapid deployment and ease of implementation by SPs from technical and resource perspectives. Aiming for end of Q2 to Go Live. This will be for Regulated and non-Regulated flows.

In order to fully develop and progress to an MVP the Documentation is being updated. The Handbook will be replaced by 2 separate documents;

  • The Enterprise Interoperability Architecture

  • The Solution Architecture

The final draft of the Enterprise Interoperability Architecture was shared on 25 Apr 2024. The final draft if the The Solution Architecture document will be shared to all Project Participants by 8 May 2024.