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Below the high level introductions, you will find links to the background documentation and detailed information. 

Subjects Covered

  • Face-to-face Cross-Community meetings 30 and 31 October 2018
  • Changes to the OpenPEPPOL Statutes
  • Additional 10th General Assembly 30 October 2018 
  • 2018 strategy for Change Management of the Agreement Framework 
  • Plans and requirements for the 2018 PKI migration
  • Implementation of a centralised multi-protocol test bed
  • Call for participation in two new work groups
    • Reporting Work Group
    • OpenPEPPOL Financial Model Work Group

Face-to-face Cross-Community meetings 30 and 31 October 2018

The eDelivery, Post-Award and Pre-Award communities plan their autumn face-to-face Cross-Community meetings 30 and 31 October 2018. Venue will be communicated shortly. Save the dates!


At the statutory 9th General Assembly 21 March,  the required quorum to vote on the suggested changes to the Statutes was not obtained. As a result, an additional 10th General Assembly need needs to be organised. Meanwhile, the Managing Committee will continue to work on improving the Statutes, taking into consideration the revised governance structure that was approved at the 9th General Assembly and comments made by members during the meeting. The revisions will be made available in Confluence, together with the related background documents from the 9th General Assembly before the summer, inviting the members to comment by September. 


To strengthen the integrity of the PEPPOL eDelivery Network and establish an aligned on-boarding process for all OpenPEPPOL Service Providers, OpenPEPPOL is taking over responsibility for the acceptance testing from Difi.  Therefore it will be mandatory for all Service Providers to succesfully pass the test provided by the centralized centralised test facility in order to obtain a PKI production certificate.  This facility will also provide onboarding testing for the AS4 protocol and for SMP Providers.  It is currently being developed in cooperation with DG DIGIT.


The Reporting Work Group will focus on establishment of a common set of requirements for usage reporting in the PEPPOL eDelivery Network, and a unified approach to consolidation and presentation of the information collected. Please find the Call for Participation and the Work Group mandate in Confluence (Call for Participation to the Reporting Work Group

The Financial Model Work Group will focus on identifying the future financial model for OpenPEPPOL, to ensure the optimal economic foundation is in place to run the Association and support the eDelivery Network effectively. Please find the Call for Participation and the Work Group mandate in Confluence.  (Call for Participation to the OpenPEPPOL Financial Model Work Group)